History of Brunei

This island was farming and headhunting and trading things like edible swiftlet bird nests dragon’s blood raisin camphor beeswax crane crests hornbill ivory and tortoise shells with India and China for some time before being is llama sized by Muslim merchants in the 10th century and then incorporated into the Javanese Hindu Majapahit Empire.

Brunei was impoverished by foreign rule but when the modular hit Empire declined the Chinese Ming Dynasty began seducing various vessel states like Brunei into a tributary relationship from 1368 to 1888 Brunei was an empire coming to dominate Borneo and several Filipino islands.

Its heyday was under the 5th Sultan Bolkiah pearlized power and influence slowly subsided over the next century or so while European Powers began arriving in the area keen on cashing in on the spice trade with Portugal conquering Malacca and Spain the Philippines Spain no fan of Islam after centuries of Muslim rule declared war on Brunei in 1578 invading and taking over the capital but were forced to leave due to devastating illnesses making sure to burn down the great mosque before they left.

the Brunei Civil War started after the Sultan’s son got into a fight after losing a bit on a cockfight actual foul play led to over a decade of fighting in 1838 an Englishman named James Brooke helped the Sultan of Brunei suppresser revolt and as a reward was given the Sarawak region to rule which he did expand it over time and is known as the white Rajah Brooke worked effectively to end piracy and the practice of headhunting among the native Dayak beetle.

Brunei was very small by the time it became a British protectorate in 1888 and the Sultan’s power was now essentially ceremonial the British discovered oil in Brunei in 1929 the commodity that would make Bruno’s fortune but before that the bad times.

Japan invaded in December 1941 and took over in under a week and their occupation proved devastating for the people of Brunei many of whom starved in 1945 with American air and naval support Verna was liberated by the Australian 9th division who defeated the Japanese in four successive battles on the island.

When it gained self-rule in 1959 and independence in 1984, at that time the nation was swollen with oil wealth, Hassan al-Bakr, who became Sultan of Brunei in 1967, had a fortune of about twenty billion dollars.

The people of Brunei love him for his charity and here been moving to make his country more and more compliant to Sharia law where certain sins result in death by stoning or having your hand chopped off in 2015.

He made a Bernese a Scrooge envious when he banned public displays of Christmas and over the years he has a messed the largest car collection in the world some 7,000 including 450 Ferraris 380 Bentley’s 21 Lamborghinis 11 Aston Martin’s 179 jaguars 200 BMWs 500 Mercedes and 600 Rolls-Royces maybe he should give some of those autos to people in need for Christmas.